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ABOUT KATHERINE PARAS: Aa a perennial student of perception, Katherine Paras devotes herself to refining her ability to receive impressions of what is usually invisible to us - that is, what we can not perceive with our five senses but can receive intuitively. Her New Mexico art studio overlooks the treetops of tall ponderosas in the Sangre de Christo Mountains. Its quiet solitude allows her to work within the meditative silence needed to explore such subtle textures and non-linear dynamics of our human experience.


Previously, Katherine Paras spent twenty years in Metropolitan New York, immersing herself in its rich artistic, spiritual, and racial diversity. Paras studied the ideas of Gurdjieff, a master of spiritual esoterics, as taught by Willem Nyland. She travelled many times to Europe and studied drawing with Franz Baum, a German Expressionist; painting with Austrian Edith Kramer, a "reverent realist'; and Byzantine icon painting with Russian iconographer Vladislav Andreyev. Later she studied Japanese sumi-e painting. In New York, her paintings gained visibility, selected by such jurors as Susan Hirschfield of the Guggenheim Museum and Alan Frumpkin, of the Adams/Frumpkin Gallery (NYC), for group exhibitions. In Santa Fe, Gebert Contemporary and Argos Gallery have represented her work. A founding faculty member of New York University's Graduate Art Therapy Program, Paras has trained graduate students and supervised professionals using art to promote healing, growth, and creativity. Within her independent psychotherapy practice, started in 1989, she guides individuals and groups to discover and strengthen innate self-healing capacities. As a consultant, educator, and lecturer in diverse settings, including Southwestern College and conferences of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, Katherine Paras continues to provide customized onsite guidance of group learning.


IN NEW MEXICO: Fifteen years after a pivotal summer of landscape painting in Wyoming, Katherine Paras left New York and spent seven years living and painting on a high, red-rocked mesa in Northern New Mexico. Night choruses of of coyotes singing upder her bedroom window, red fox visiting her compost pile, and elk breakfasting on her 'front lawn' offered counterpoint to her New York experiences. The power of this 'Land of Enchantment' radically altered her relationship to her body and her existence on this planet.


Within the quietude of the mesa, Katherine Paras learned to deeply listen. She learned to attend to the physical body as a 'tuning fork' that vibrates and intuitively receives extremely subtle impressions. Such subtleties are typically obliterated in our contemporary life, with its avalanche of external demands and excessive stimuli. Countering this relentless force, Paras trained extensively in diverse subtle energetic practices, also known as biofield therapies: Therapeutic Touch with Dolores Krieger, Bioenergy Work with Mietek Wirkus, Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, and Polarity Therapy at the Santa Fe Polarity Institute. She also completed a lengthy training analysis in Advanced Energy and Mind-Body Healing with Lawrence Watson. These experiences - and the depth of awareness they fostered - deeply inform and shape her art as she nourishes the growth of her clients within The ReVisioned Life®. In essence, the creative evolution of the paintings inspires, catalyzes, and guides that of her clients.


KATHERINE PARAS’ APPROACH: She describes her experience as she paints the 'portraits' of your inner landscapes, "I continue to learn from my artistic investigations what contemporary physicists are now confirming - that what we perceive with our five senses reveals only a tiny glimmer of reality, like holding just one drop of the ocean in one's hand. As I open to the rich textures and non-linear dimensions of our human experience, this journey into unknown territories challenges all assumptions, exposes me to my limits, and dissolves the boundaries of my heart. The 'Katherine' who leaves a painting is very different from 'Katherine' of the first stroke. I invite you, through the ReVisioned Life work, to do the same."




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KATHERINE PARAS, M.S., lifetime artist, redefines the nature of portraiture and reinstates its power. The evolution of her paintings mirrors and grounds that of her clients, both groups and individuals. With her experienced guidance, they learn to use commisssioned portraits of their inner landscapes to activate innate intuition and their unrealized potentials.