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Actively exploring your group's unanswered questions, Katherine Paras, M.S., directs a dynamic focus on the individuality of the group as she creates paintings of its ‘inner landscapes’. The group can use Katherine Paras’s experienced guidance, provided onsite or by telephone, to learn how to use these multi-faceted 'portraits' to dissolve barriers and catalyze new responses to the challenges it faces. Illuminating core potentials and challenges, the ReVisioned Life® Portraits and a concluding written Report serve as detailed, self-reflective roadmaps that empower the intuitive intelligence, creativity, and the growth of the group. The paintings can also be commisioned without using the option of mentorship.


The ReVisioned Life for groups can be a collaborative process between Katherine Paras and the entire group or a subgroup. Within the text below, the collaborators are refered to as the group.


General Guidelines:


  • The ReVisioned Life process occurs within a confidential format.
  • The group may be located anywhere with telephone access while Katherine, in her Santa Fe studio, creates one to three portraits of the group's inner landscapes.
  • According to its needs and schedule, the group and Katherine customize options such as: format, telephone consults, daily practices, her creation of the group's Portrait(s), and onsite learning.
  • The daily practice, aimed at tilling new soil to support the growth of the group's life, is collaboratively shaped with respect for the identity, individuality, and configuration of the group and its leadership. The practice might involve meditation, a series of brainstorming meetings, a specific creative or spiritual practice, stream of consciousness writing focused on a specific question, brief meetings in silence, or a protocol unique to the nature of your group.
  • All ReVisioned Life formats include the option of telephone consultations with Katherine to:

Co-design the mentorship format with attention to the group's culture, goals, and unanswered questions.

Shape and refine the group's daily practice, including how the photograph(s) of the completed painting(s)
   are integrated into group process during and after the ReVisioned Life experience.

Track changes in the life of the group as the painting(s) evolve, including new questions, synchronicities,
   problems, progress, and unexpected developements.

Review the final Report and any insights emerging from collaborative efforts.

  • The group receives, as soon as each painting is complete, an emailed and a hard copy photograph of the ReVisioned Life Portrait, available for use within daily practice. Shipping of the painting(s) follows.
  • The time frame of each format is approximate, given unpredictable variables that influence scheduling.




Depending upon the nature and goals of the group, a small group of the principals/leaders, or the entire group including leadership, can participate in the collaborative inner practices focused on the emergent growth of the group. Alternatively, participation in daily practice can be bypassed, with Katherine simply creating the three Portraits that the group then uses at its own discretion.


there are THREE formats options. Each format can be modified in response to specific needs.*






Guided Practice - Four Weeks


The ONE PAINTING FORMAt provides a step-by-step process shaped by the unanswered questions that your group faces. The focus, in this collaboration with Katherine, is to to clear and deepen intuitive pathways to the inner resources of the group. During the four weeks, Katherine creates a ReVisioned Life 'portrait' of the group's inner landscapes, sends a photograph of it to the group, and guides its application within daily practice. This visual representation of the invisible yet potent group dynamics provides a powerfully individualized focal point through which the group can access, in organic, non-linear ways, previously unidentified avenues leading to creative transformation. While the group works with the image of the painting, Katherine writes the Report (minimum 2000 words) describing the evolution of the painting. The Report, the daily practice focused with the painting, and the collaborations with Katherine Paras help the group to ignite new insights and open doors to new possibilities.



Deepening the Guided Practice - Eight Weeks


When beginning with this format, Katherine Paras creates the first ReVisioned Life Portrait as in the ONE PAINTING format. She then creates the second ReVisioned Life Portrait while the group works with the first painting within its daily practice. Upon completion of the second painting and the receipt of its photograph, the group and Katherine can review the work completed with the first painting and shape the group's daily practice with the second painting. While the group works with this second image, Katherine writes the Report, reviewing the evolution of both paintings and the insights that have emerged through the collaboration. Building upon the experience of working with the first painting, this in-depth approach helps to turn obstacles into opportunities for creative action.


Independent and Guided Practice - Twelve Weeks


Within this THREE PAINTING, the group refines its approach to the ReVisioned Life Portraits as self-reflective catalysts to growth. As in the TWO PAINTING, the group and Katherine review the work with the first painting and shape the daily practice with the second painting. While the group works with the second painting, Katherine creates the third Portrait. Upon receipt of its photograph, the group independently shapes and focuses the daily practice using the third portrait.This independent practice helps the group to consolidate gains and build upon revelations emerging throughout the first eight weeks of collaboration,


While the group works independently with the third Portrait, Katherine writes the Report (minimum 3000 words) that both reviews the insights from the previous eight weeks and opens more doors to unexplored vistas central to the group's inner experience and ongoing growth. The Report expands upon the dynamic ‘blueprint’ of the group's individuality and its many aspects embodied within the three Inner Portraits. It also provides new guideposts that anchor future work with these paintings.


Upon receipt of the Report, the group and Katherine discuss the experiences of working independently with the third portrait and the explorations of the Report. Together, you refine your goals and practices in using the ReVisioned Life Portraits and the Report as ongoing guides to the group's future evolution.


*POSSIBLE FORMAT Modifications


  • Your group can start with the ONE PAINTING FORMAT, or you may choose to begin with a longer format.
  • After starting with any particular format, there is the option of extending  the group's experience into a longer one.
  • The group can work independently with all of its ReVisioned Life Portraits - bypassing all discussions or guidance with Katherine.
  • Onsite guidance of group learning co-designed to meet your group's needs is available. Custom formats can include, for example, one-day or three-day length and the group's hands-on use of art materials to foster self directed, intuitive explorations and practices.




The cost of The ReVisioned Life mentorship for a group is determined by its size, the complexity of its organization, the configuration of its leadership, and the shape of its culture. These, and other aspects of its life, guide the customized design of the mentorship format for your group, as well as the focus of one to three paintings, and the selection of various options, such as on-site guidance and telephone consultation.


Click here to connect directly with Katherine Paras via email to discuss how The ReVisioned Life format can best serve your group.

Format Options for Groups

Different Stages of a ReVisioned Life Portrait