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The ReVisioned Life Can Help Your Group...

Explore the Landscape of Your Group's Unanswered Questions

Bring fresh, transformative energy to ongoing challenges.

Identify Obstacles to Innovative Action

Define new leadership goals and shed approaches that no longer serve your group.

Access and Develop Core Potentials

Find new direction amidst complex group transitions.

Dissolve Barriers to Cohesive Group Focus and Productivity

Build strengths and new foundations for unrealized projects.

Empower Creative Expressions of Your Group's Unique Identity

Confront unprecedented challenges that call for your group's radical inner transformation.

The life of a group, like that of individuals, moves through different phases and challenges. Using image and word to explore your group’s transitions, The ReVisioned Life® experience infuses group creativity, catalyzes insight, and empowers emergent growth in organic, non-linear ways.


To illuminate unidentified or invisible group dynamics and potential, Katherine Paras creates paintings focused on the inner landscapes of your organization’s life. Its size and complexity, the configuration of its leadership, and the shape of its culture guide the design of the mentorship format, which typically includes collaborative inner practices by the group or its leaders. Building upon insight and learning emerging through the evolution of the painting(s) and the collaborative practices, a concluding written report highlights new directions for your group and anchors ongoing use of the paintings as catalysts to future growth.


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