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Initial Insights Format for Individual Adults

In an easily accessible fashion, this format allows you to decide whether the ReVisioned Life experience is a good fit for you.


The TWO WEEK - INITIAL INSIGHTS (written) FORMAT provides you fresh perspectives into unresolved challenges and new directions to explore. You can start  by mailing one question that is central to your current professional or personal concerns. The question needs to be open-ended, handwritten and signed by you, and physically mailed. Please include with your letter a check for one hundred and fifty dollars ($150).





The INITIAL INSIGHTS FORMAT is a stand alone option. After this easy first step into your mentorship process, you can decide to continue into the more in-depth painting formats. Alternatively, you can begin directly with one of the painting formats.


To start your ReVisioned Life process with the TWO WEEK - INITIAL INSIGHTS FORMAT, you need only to mail a question focused on your central concern.


Mail your handwritten question, your email address, and a check ($150) – payable to Katherine Paras – to:


Katherine Paras

903 West Alameda, #748

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


In response to your question, Katherine writes her Initial Insights (500 word minimum). During this time period you explore your question on a daily basis at a dedicated time each day. You also record a few notes describing your experience of each day’s practice and any relevant events, insights, or synchronicities that occur. This written record can gift you with unexpected insights over time.


Within two weeks of Katherine’s receipt of your question, she emails to you her overview of Initial Insights. As you work within the synergy of your learning and hers, your growth processes can accelerate and bring you into new possibilities. If you would like to have a conversation about your and her respective findings, a consultation can be scheduled ($150 per hour).


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