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The ReVisioned Life Can Help You...

Illuminate the Territory of Your Unanswered Questions

Find new pathways to inner resources and transformative change.

Build Core Strength and Qualities

Use new tools in daily practice specifically aligned to your individuality.

Identify and Dissolve Invisible Barriers to Your Goals

Gain insight that empowers growth.

Nourish the Roots to Your Intuitive Intelligence

Cultivate awareness of your unconscious perceptions. Increase effective decision-making and enhance creativity.

Discover Your Personal Roadmap to Radical Change

Expand the scope of your being, focus action, and effect creatively deep change in your life and work.

The ReVisioned Life® mentorship gives you a direct route to your intuitive intelligence and radical inner change. Your unrealized potentials and the dynamics that block them are made visible through image and word.


In your one-to-one mentorship experience with Katherine Paras, M.S., your unanswered questions open intuitive pathways to the heart of your unrealized growth. Unique to this customized collaboration focused on your needs, Katherine Paras creates paintings that reveal the intangible subtleties of your inner landscapes. This helps you to explore the inner realities that shape your outer life. Guided in your transformative work with these dynamic images, and a written narrative that illuminates their evolution and yours, you learn ways to build upon your intuitive intelligence. As you expand pathways to your specific inner resources, impasse becomes the doorway to creative action.


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