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Format Options for Individual Adults

The ReVisioned Life® mentorship helps you to deepen your intuitive intelligence, activate creative resources, and nurture personal and professional growth. Directing a dynamic focus on your individuality, Katherine Paras, M.S. applies an unusual fusion of intuitive perception and forty years of professional experience; she creates one to three paintings of your ‘inner landscapes’ and guides your use of these images to catalyze change. The resulting ReVisioned Life 'portraits' and a written Narrative describing their evolution serve as detailed, self-reflective roadmaps for your ongoing growth.


Actively exploring your unanswered questions, the ReVisioned Life Portraits of your inner landscapes illuminate your core potentials and challenges. With Katherine Paras’s experienced guidance, you learn how to work with these multi-faceted portraits to dissolve barriers and catalyze new responses to the challenges you face. You also have the option of commissioning the Portraits without engaging in the rest of the mentorship process.




  • You and Katherine Paras work together within a one-to-one, confidential format.
  • You can be anywhere with telephone access while Katherine, in her Santa Fe studio, creates your ReVisioned Life Portraits to serve as self-reflective catalysts to your growth.
  • According to your needs and schedule, you and Katherine select and customize: format options, consults, your personal practice, and Katherine’s creation of your portraits.
  • Your personal daily practice, aimed at the tilling new soil to support your inner growth, is collaboratively shaped with respect for your individuality. The practice may involve meditation, walking in nature, music improvisation, journaling, yoga, qigong, or other spiritual or creative practices.
  •  As soon as each painting is complete, you receive an emailed and hard copy photograph of the ReVisioned Life Portrait, which can then become a focal point within your daily practice.
  • Purchase of paintings can be optional, depending upon format.
  • The time frame of each format is approximate, given the unpredictable variables that influence scheduling.


there are FOUR formats options. Each can be modified in response to specific needs.*








Beginning Practice- Two Weeks


This format is an option which can precede Katherine Paras' creation of paintings. It gives you an easy first step into your mentorship process. In direct response to a question or a problem that concerns you, Katherine Paras provides a written overview (minimum 1000 words) that highlights her initial perceptions and offers specific directions of inner focus and daily practice you can apply immediately. Through your practice, insights emerge and can contribute in unexpected ways to your personal and professional growth.


Click here to learn how you can begin your ReVisioned Life mentorship with the TWO WEEK FORMAT.


Your Guided Practice - Four Weeks


When starting directly with the ONE PAINTING FORMAT, you enter a step-by-step process shaped by your unanswered questions. You work collaboratively with Katherine to clear and deepen your intuitive pathways to inner resources. During these four weeks, Katherine creates a ReVisioned Life Portrait of your inner landscapes, sends a photograph of it to you, and guides your work with it. This visual representation of your ‘inner landscape’ provides you a powerfully individualized tool never before in hand. Using it in your daily practice as the focal point of your concentration allows you to access new perspectives. While you are working with the image of the painting, Katherine writes a narrative (minimum 2000 words) describing the evolution of the painting. The Narrative, your work with the painting, and your collaborations with Katherine Paras help you to ignite new insights, deepen self awareness, and open doors to new possibilities.



Deepening Your Guided Practice: - Eight Weeks


When beginning with this format, Katherine Paras creates your first ReVisioned Life Portrait as in the ONE PAINTING FORMAT. She then creates your second ReVisioned Life Portrait while you are working with the first painting in your daily practice. Upon completion of the second painting and your receipt of its photograph, you and Katherine review your work with the first painting and shape your daily practice with the second painting. While your are working with the second image, Katherine writes the Narrative (2500 word minimum), reviewing the evolution of both paintings and the insights that have emerged through your collaboration. Building upon your experience of working with the first painting, this in-depth approach helps you to turn obstacles into opportunities for creative action, opening new directions in your life.


Guided and Independent Practice - Twelve Weeks


Within the THREE PAINTING FORMAT, you refine your approach to your ReVisioned Life Portraits as self-reflective catalysts to your growth. As in the TWO PAINTING FORMAT, you and Katherine review your work with the first painting and shape your daily practice with the second painting. While you work with the second painting, Katherine creates your third Portrait. Upon your receipt of its photograph, you independently shape and focus your daily practice using this third portrait. This independent practice helps you to consolidate your gains and build upon revelations emerging throughout the first eight weeks of collaboration.


While you work independently with your third Portrait, Katherine writes the Narrative (minimum 3000 words) that both reviews the insights from the previous eight weeks and opens more doors to unexplored vistas central to your inner experience and your ongoing growth. The Narrative expands upon the dynamic ‘blueprint’ of your individuality and its many aspects embodied within your three inner Portraits. It also provides new guideposts that anchor your future work with these paintings.


After you receive the Narrative, you and Katherine discuss your experiences in working independently with the third Portrait and the explorations of the Narrative. Together, you refine your goals and practices in using the ReVisioned Life Portraits and the Narrative as your ongoing guides to future evolution, both personal and professional.


*POSSIBLE FORMAT Modifications


  • You can choose to begin your ReVisioned Life mentorship with the INITIAL INSIGHTS FORMAT, or  you may choose to begin with a longer format.
  • After starting with any particular format, there is the option of extending into a longer one.
  • You can participate solely in the INITIAL INSIGHTS FORMAT.
  • You can work independently with all of your ReVisioned Life Portraits - bypassing all discussions or guidance with Katherine.


Connect directly with Katherine Paras via email to discuss what format could best serve you.


Learn more about FORMAT OPTIONS AND COSTS of your ReVisioned Life mentorship.

Different Stages of a ReVisioned Life Portrait