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What is the ReVisioned Life® Process?

The ReVisioned Life® Mentorship: Guided by mentor and artist Katherine Paras, M.S., you learn to use one-of-a-kind tools to discover what you know, but don’t yet know you know. Expanding awareness, you identify and explore inner realities that shape outer challenges. Commissioned ‘portraits’ focus these explorations, which you can deepen through daily practice. Your practice may include, for example, meditation, journaling, brainstorming meetings, or walks in nature. These or other creative or spiritual approaches can be collaboratively individualized within telephone consultations to meet your specific needs.


The ReVisioned Life® Portraits: Central to this in-depth inquiry, Katherine Paras creates your ReVisioned Life Portraits – sequential, abstract paintings that reveal the inner landscapes of your unanswered questions. The evolution of the portraits illuminates and explores your unrealized potentials and the obstacles to their emergence.


Upon completion of each painting, you receive its photograph. Integrating the image into your daily practice with Katherine Paras’ support, you learn to use your commissioned portraits as bridges to transformation. As you identify and dissolve barriers to innate intuitive capacities, innovative responses to the challenges you face emerge organically. Opening more pathways to inner resources, you empower personal and professional growth. Group life flows in new directions. Impasse turns into creative action.


Logistics: You can be located anywhere with telephone access while Katherine Paras, in her Santa Fe studio, creates your portraits*. Format options include One-Painting, Two-Painting, or Three-Painting Formats, which respectively involve four-week, eight-week, and twelve-week time frames. An introductory two-week format is also available. The ReVisioned Life is differently formatted for groups, and individuals.


Purchase of the paintings is not required in all formats. Each painting is made with both oil-based and pure powdered pigments applied to archival board. All art images on this website are photographs of ReVisioned Life Portraits in different stages of development.

Different Stages of a ReVisioned Life Portrait